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Semi-brown rice vegan Bolognese sauce

How can I do?
Rinse green lentils (with their thin skin, they can be cooked without soaking). Drain and immerse in a pan of cold water and boil. From the beginning, cooking, cook, covered, about 25-30 minutes.
At the same …

Curried lentils and baby spinach

How can I do?
The ginger root, peeled and cut two slices. Reserve remain.
In a pot with cold water put lenses and 2 slices of ginger Bring to a boil. Skim off the white foam and reduce heat. Boil …

Stuffed vegetables vegetarian

How can I do?
Wash the vegetables. Remove stem from eggplant and cut two-thirds and remove the meat. Remove caps tomatoes and zucchini and scoop. Cut peppers in half or I in the above photo of a hat; throw their seeds and …

Creamy red quinoa timbale with green vegetables

How can I do?
I cook steamed vegetables, taking care to keep them crisp.
At the same time, I carefully rinsed red quinoa. I heat the kettle 360g water I will come pouring into a container on the vegetable stock cube. …

Quinoa with vegetable couscous

How can I do?
Add the onion and fry in oil Cuisiline ® 4 spices. Add vegetables, Ras El Hanout and 1 cup water. Cover, reduce the heat and let 20mn. 5 minutes before end of cooking time, place the …

Pilpil candied vegetables

How can I do?
Cut the peppers into strips the skin. Sliced ​​eggplant and tomatoes in large thick slices of 3 cm. Cut the onions into quarters
Heat the olive oil in a cast iron pot. Sauté onions and 5 minutes. …

Tofu rosehip jam

How can I do?
Cut tofu cut into small cubes and marinate in a little tamari sauce for a few minutes.
Heat a little oil and brown the tofu (I prefer a little crisp, but nothing prevents you to keep it …

Potatoes and mushrooms with Paris peasants filled (vegan)

How can I do?
Wash the potatoes and mushrooms carefully. Remove stems from mushrooms and place them on absorbent (rounded side up) paper.
Bake the potatoes in foil in baking paper (like candy wrap) for 45 minutes at 180 ° C …

Moroccan couscous vegan

How can I do?
The day before:
Clean all your vegetables thoroughly. Peel except zucchini. Cut into large pieces.
Cooking each vegetable separately in gentle steam. Not to exceed more than 15 minutes per cooking vegetables. All vegetables should still …

Cucumber with roasted pineapple on Thai rice

How can I do?
Cooking the rice on the packaging in boiling salted water for the time.
Meanwhile, cut the pineapple into pieces, cucumber slices, the thickness of the slices of pineapple and detail the same way.
In a frying …