Tabbouleh with roasted eggplant

Tabbouleh with roasted eggplant

How can I do?

Wash eggplant and cut into slices widthwise. Put them in a colander and season with salt. Let the eggplant drain for 20 minutes.
With olive oil spread with a brush before have on the rack. Pass under the broiler, taking care to rotate them until they are golden.
Remove from oven, drain the eggplant on paper towels.

Pour the couscous in a bowl and boil 300 ml of water. Pour water over the couscous. Cover and let stand 5 minutes.

Cut into cubes and cut tomato slices into strips of dried tomatoes.

Mix in a shallow juice of 1 lemon 5 oz oil olive.Ajoutez vegetables. Pour the semolina taking care of the bowl with a fork. Salt and pepper.
Refrigerate until chilled.
  • 2 eggplants

  • 125g wholemeal flour

  • 1 large tomato beef heart

  • 5 slices of dried tomatoes

  • 5 cl olive oil + olive oil for aubergines

  • 1 lemon

  • coarse salt

  • Salt and pepper

Total time: Preparation + cooking time: 60 min
Yield: 2 people

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