Pizza with pepper

Pizza with pepper

How can I do?

Preheat th.7 / 8220 ° C furnace. Remove the baking sheet and set design it with baking paper. Roll out pizza dough on it.

Roast the peppers: place them under the grill and cook for 30 minutes, turning frequently. They are done when the skin wrinkled, lightly browned in places. Peel and seed the peppers. Cut into thin strips.

Wash and cut the mushrooms into thin strips of Paris. Cut olives into slices. Cut the artichoke hearts into pieces.

Spread the tomato sauce on the dough, so that a margin of 1 cm. Sprinkle with basil. Add the peppers, mushrooms, artichokes and olives.

Bake pizza 15 minutes.

  • 1 pizza dough ready to roll

  • 5 tbsp tomato sauce

  • 2 red peppers

  • 2 green peppers

  • 3 Mushrooms Paris

  • 2 artichoke hearts

  • 5 pitted black olives or green

  • 1 cup frozen chopped basil

  • Olive oil

Total time: Preparation + cooking time: 75 min
Yield: 2 people

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