Japanese cucumber salad and carrots

Japanese cucumber salad and carrots

How can I do?

Rehydrate the wakame and soak in warm water.

Wash and peel vegetables. Grate the carrots. Remove the heart of the cucumber and cut into cubes. Season the carrots with sesame oil and cucumber with olive oil.

Japanese prepare omelets. In a bowl, beat the eggs, add c. EL Mirin, a c. Coffee, sugar, a pinch of salt and beat well.

Heat a small nonstick skillet. C pay. chopped egg, the thickness of a thin pancake. This omelettes cooked in seconds. Role immediately snails and cool.

Add the wakame concombre.Disposer carrots, omelette and cucumber in a bowl or plate. Add carrots served on a little soy sauce on omelets and a few sesame seeds.

  • 4 carrots

  • 1 cucumber

  • 2 eggs

  • 1 cup tablespoons mirin

  • 1 cup chopped dried wakame

  • 1 cup brown sugar in coffee

  • Sesame oil

  • Olive oil

  • Sesame blond

  • Soy sauce

Total time: Preparation + cooking time: 20 min
Yield: 2 people

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