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Quinoa Salad lawyer

How can I do?
Itemize half your lawyer and ½ tomato cut into small cubes. Mix with quinoa and dressing.
For a beautiful presentation, pour it into a circle. Once the circle away, add the remaining sliced ​​avocado.

Quinoa Vegetable Terrine

How can I do?
I peel the carrot and I grater. I properly clean the zucchini and I grater. I clean the mushrooms and I cut them into cubes. I reserve.
In a bowl, I pour oatmeal and milk plant. I …

Quinoa Salad Oriental

How can I do?
Quinoa Rinse several times with clear water. Cook according to package directions (12 minutes usually). The raisins in boiling water to make them swell.
Meanwhile, toast almonds lightly with non-stick pan. Let the quinoa and raisins. …

Quinoa in monochrome yellow, orange, pink and red

How can I do?
Prepare citronnette with olive oil, lime juice, salt and pepper. Cut the tomatoes into cubes and cut radishes in large strips. Finely chop the spring onions. Rinse and drain, but the beans
Pour vegetables and quinoa in …

Spelt Cookies quinoa raisins

How can I do?
Add the quinoa flakes in a pot and cover with rice milk. Heat over low heat until completely absorbed.
Off the heat, add the almond puree, vanilla sugar and mix. Scrape half vanilla and beat again. Cool …

Crumble Tomato Quinoa

How can I do?
Preheat oven to 200 ° C in a Pyrex bowl, combine the olive oil then the tomatoes, oregano, salt and sugar. Bake for 45 minutes at 200 ° C yet.
Meanwhile, cook the quinoa for 15-20 minutes. …

Quinoa salad with crunchy vegetables and cumin vinaigrette

How can I do?
Cook the quinoa in a large pot of boiling salted water for 15 minutes.
Into small pieces, cut the carrots and zucchini and cook for 15 minutes to steam.
Meanwhile, the tomatoes and onion into small …