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Beetroot with cranberries

How can I do?
1 Disconnect the tops of the beet roots. Remove the large veins, wash the tops.
Peel the beets. Tops chop, cut the beets into small cubes.
Finally, in thin slices cucumber. Put all ingredients in a …

Vegetable tartare

How can I do?
Cut cut the vegetables and apple into small cubes.
Cook the vegetables separately for 1 minute, then dip it in ice water. Book cold.
Prepare the vinaigrette. In a bowl, oil, vinegar, honey or agave syrup, …

Kale salad with lemon

How can I do?
Wash the vegetables. Recover bouquets cauliflower and place in a bowl. Add carrots and bell pepper, julienned both. Pour the lemon juice, oil, curry powder, apple cider vinegar, tomato powder. Finely chop garlic peeled once. Add it to …

Zucchini salad with tomatoes

How can I do?
Coarsely chop tomatoes, peppers and garlic. Seed the tomatoes so as to remove as much juice as possible.
Place all ingredients except zucchini in the food processor with the blade in S.
Operate the robot "in …

Harvard beets

How can I do?
Cook beets (baked or water). Peel and cut into slices.
The honey, vinegar, dried cranberries and oil. Add beets and simmer 3-4 minutes. Salt and pepper Ingredients:

4 beets

2 c. Teaspoon honey or …

Glasses of carrot raisin

How can I do?
Wash and dry grapes. Cut in half and carefully remove the margins.
Peel and wash the carrots. Cut into thin slices.
Heat 1 tablespoon olive oil in a pan and throw them carrots. Add two tablespoons …

Japanese cucumber salad and carrots

How can I do?
Rehydrate the wakame and soak in warm water.
Wash and peel vegetables. Grate the carrots. Remove the heart of the cucumber and cut into cubes. Season the carrots with sesame oil and cucumber with olive oil.

Grated carrot salad with oranges

How can I do?
Take a few minutes to soften for raisins in the juice of 3 oranges.
Meanwhile, grate the carrots. In a bowl grated carrots, pour the juice of 3 oranges and grapes, salt, water, orange flower and pumpkin …

Curls of carrots with mint and curry

How can I do?
The Peel carrots and let your vegetable peeler to peel your carrots until exhaustion of the plant nice thin and light curls!
Soak carrots in lemon juice and sea salt for a few moments. In the last …

The Soyannaise – soy mayonnaise

How can I do?
, The the ingredients at room temperature. Mixing with a robot including the oil little by little.
You can add spices, curry, paprika, garlic … Sprinkle with grated celery, salads, potatoes serve …