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Orange Glazed Tempeh and lavender

How can I do?
Squeeze juice from oranges.
Combine garlic pulp, maple syrup, soy sauce, white wine and a pinch of salt. Add this mixture of orange juice.
Cut the tempeh into strips or triangles and fry in oil in …

Vitamin Citrus Salad

How can I do?
In a bowl, put the salad in the avocado flesh from the flesh of citrus fruits, maize, mung beans, cut cherries, cut into 2 croutons and tomatoes.
Prepare the dressing by mixing well, the ingredients available. Ask …

Duo of chocolate and orange cream

How can I do?
Prepare the orange cream: Combine in a saucepan the sugar and 20 g cornflour. Y dilute orange juice. Heat and bring to a boil. Stir constantly with a whisk, until thickened. Book.
Prepare the chocolate …

Soft cake chocolate / orange

How can I do?
Preheat oven gas mark 6
Rinse the orange, then with a grater, remove the zest and squeeze the juice.
In a bowl, add yogurt and combine sucre.Puis, add the beaten eggs, melted chocolate, zest and juice …

Soft Cake with Citrus without gluten and milk

How can I do?
Mix the almond puree with rice flour. Add sodium bicarbonate, powdered sugar, whole egg. Mix well. Add small pieces of citrus fruit flesh.
Fat with olive oil your molds and pour the preparation until 2 /

Zucchini salad with goat cheese

How can I do?
Wash and chop the mint. Wash and rub Drain the zucchini and squeeze in a towel. Peel and grate the carrots.
In a bowl, add the vegetables and mint set. In a bowl, squeeze an orange, the …

Beet salad with oranges

How can I do?
Cut the beets into thin slices.
The orange peel and cut into slices, juice reservation. Sliced ​​red onion cut into rings.
Make changes beets and oranges. Remove the onion rings. Sprinkle with sunflower seeds.

Vitamin salad with radishes two

How can I do?
Boil some water (the grapes swell).
Meanwhile, remove the tops of radish, radish, peel and cut into thin slices. Orange peel, cut into pieces into small pieces. Peel and grate the apple.
Mix in a bowl. …