A future possible, realistic and desirable! Imagine a world... A world where people live in harmony with the land, and respect the life in all its forms ... A world where there would be no factory farms neither concentration camps, nor slaughterhouses, nor vivisection labs, nor hunting, nor fishing, nor bullfights, nor Marine lands, nor fur coats ... A world where animals would finally be seen in their real sacred nature ... where their rights are finally recognized ... where they would be released from their cages and their slavery ... A world where their immense suffering, torture and mass killings would be part of the past ... A new world, where animals would finally be treated with respect, compassion and justice ... In this world, according to the abandonment of livestock and meat consumption, considerable quantities of potable water would be saved, human health would be greatly improved, deforestation would be massively reduced, the populations of developing countries could have the land and formerly cultivated cereals for livestock in rich countries, the greenhouse effect would be minimized, and global warming, down sharply ... Imagine a world where peace would finally reign between human and non-human inhabitants of the planet...   Imagine ... a Vegan World! «Reflecting on life, I feel obliged to respect any desire of life around me as equal to mine, as a mysterious value... » Albert Schweitzer   [related_posts_by_tax format="thumbnails" image_size="medium" include_terms="447" title="Easy Vegan Recipes" posts_per_page="12"]

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