This respectful approach of life is also a source of many benefits not only for animals but also for human health, hunger in the world, or ecology...:
  1. For animals: Currently in France, there is kill about 3million farm animals (not counting fish) each day. Behind this staggering number are hiding sensitive beings, lives who just want to live: calves, pigs, cows or chickens ... gentle beings, sensitive and quiet, which are treated as products, meat hands off! Imprisoned innocents and sentenced to life imprisonment of suffering and terror life, handled violently, without any respect for their basic necessities of life, and no compassion, which end their miserable life of suffering, piled into trucks for the Innocents hours and sometimes days, to be finally killed, in a hurry and under the eyes of their terrified like ... Factory farming concern millions of sensitive beings, who are absolutely denied to ALL right! Is it really in the human being as cruel and as indifferent to the fate of those who are not like us in nature?
  2. For humans and Health: More and more studies and research confirms that a proper vegetarian or vegan diet (obviously, it's not about gorging on chips!) is healthy, nutritionally adequate, and absolutely beneficial to health. Indeed, it is now proven that this type of diet is a factor in the prevention of many diseases, such as including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, or high blood pressure for example.
  3. For World Hunger: While 800 million people still suffer from hunger, much of the cultivated land on Third World grain is exported to feed the cattle of rich countries! It is sometimes said that “the cow of the rich is starving the world“.
  4. For ecology and the planet: The vegan lifestyle preserves our planet. We don’t   known indeed too often catastrophic consequences of livestock on the environment: pollution of air and water, greenhouse effect, global warming, waste water, massive deforestation to grow grain for animals ... Veganism is undoubtedly the most effective eco-citizen act (by far!) to ecology and the preservation of our planet!
The vegan lifestyle is undoubtedly the best solution, the most positive and by far the most effective way to help solving some of the biggest questions facing mankind today, the problems on both human health, ecology, ethics to the problem of hunger in the world, and recognition - finally - animal rights .. [related_posts_by_tax format="thumbnails" image_size="medium" include_terms="447" title="Easy Vegan Recipes" posts_per_page="12"]

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