Gradually ... it's often the best key! Indeed, better progress at their own pace on the way to vegetarianism, veganism and strict veganism ... and stay on! ... Rather than trying to change everything overnight ... and then abandon, because it's too much to handle changes in one fell swoop, and you don’t have time to gradually integrate our new habits of diet and lifestyle! (However, even if it is rare for some people, the radical change may also be the right method ... we are all different!) First step: Vegetarian diet... If you have decided to embark on this path of compassion and respect for life, you can start by downloading and printing the “Kit beginner’s vegetarians’’ on the site of the Vegetarian Alliance: an excellent guide to accompany your development towards vegetarianism or veganism! This guide will give you all the information you need, and will also answer your questions about Vegetarian/vegan diet during pregnancy or child nutrition, for example (see also links to the fact sheets of the AVF in the sources at the bottom of this page). You will also learn how to find your healthy weight and keep it ... and you will find plenty of information and full of practical advice very useful... You can also refer to the pages of this site: “Vegetarianism and Veganism ... it's good for your health” and “Vegetarianism & Veganism: deficiencies risk?” (If you have questions about protein, iron, calcium or vitamin B12 ...) Familiarize yourself with new ingredients by going regularly to shop in a health food store, and discover, little by little, (buying every time something different for example): soy steaks, vegetarian spring rolls, tofu , seitan, tempeh, quinoa, vegetarian dishes, the soy sausage, different vegetable milks (soy milk, but also rice, almonds, hazelnuts, oats ...), the sprouts, yogurt and soy cheese ... and you can also rediscover legumes (lentils, beans, pitch ...), grains (wheat, oats ...), dried fruits, nuts (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts ...), etc. And to whet your appetite, we offer entirely some vegan recipes which need to be done in less than 30 minutes, offered by our “Chef House” Daniel! Feel free to read through the list of "vegetarian and vegan recipes" proposed by the Alliance Vegetarian: over 300 delicious recipes... And if you choose to continue to consume eggs and / or milk in the first place, consider buying organic, from farmed free range ... then decrease them, and gradually replace them with humane alternative plant (to motivate you, and discover the alternatives proposed, see “The Hidden behind the milk and eggs suffering”, so that: “And bios farms or outdoor ... ? ") Step 2: Use products not tested on animals... At this step, you can begin to gradually replace your cosmetics and your household cleaning products, by non-tested products on animals, as and when you need to renew ... Find these products (good for animals, good for the planet and good for your health) mainly organic stores (see list of non-tested products from One Voice) Step 3: Get dressed, go out and have fun without cruelty... Similarly, you can decide right now to stop buying clothes made of silk, fur, leather or wool ... (See the alternatives that exist in the “page leather, wool, fur ... “) And regarding shoes or sweaters that you already have, you can choose to keep them until they are worn, and replace as by humane materials...; or you can choose to give or throw in some, and thus take the opportunity to renew some of your "closet“... Moreover, you can also easily choose human leisure and entertainment: never go to see a bullfight, boycott Marine lands, and support through against the shows and circuses without animals! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us... That's it! Changing habits is ultimately easier than you think! Especially if we advance quietly and gradually ... So step by step, week to week and month to month, you will advance further in your commitment to compassion and respect for life... Congratulations! Besides put the odds in your favor to live better, longer and healthier ... you are also on the path of genuine transformation towards more compassion, wisdom and peace in your life, with joy and deep, and lasting satisfaction of knowing you are contributing less and less animal suffering, pollution, global warming, hunger in the world ... and more and more a world of compassion and respect for life in all its forms ... A Vegan World! And thank you for all the animals you will save in your life...! [related_posts_by_tax format="thumbnails" image_size="medium" include_terms="447" title='Easy Vegan Recipes' posts_per_page="12"]

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