VAPUR – Anti Bottle- The anti-plastic water bottle

200 billion plastic water bottles are produced each year worldwide, only about 12% is recycled, the rest end up in nature and littered the countryside and the sea. The American David Czerwinski, Brent Reinke and Jason Carignan have developed a Vapur collapsible and reusable plastic bottle (without the plasticizer bisphenol A). The bottle weighs only 40 grams, is rollable and can be drunk once, reduce to one-fifth of their size - what luggage can shrink so the road when you've thrown away the bottle. They come in several varieties, colors and sizes between one half and one liter and they look quite stylish from. From the National Geographic Magazine, the bottle was declared a "Gear of the Year 2013". In Germany Vapur is to relate inter alia to and cost from 9.95 EUR.   e2aea3eb1c3e7f06644dd303afdbd6d9 vapur-anti-bottle-5 vapur_

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