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Spread Lenses Express

How can I do?
In a saucepan, combine the cream of rice with 600 ml of water (about 2.5 to 3 times the volume of water lenses) by means of a whip. Then add the lentils and spices.
Cook over low …

Cream of tomato soup with tofu and dried red pepper

How can I do?
All the ingredients in the bowl of the mixer except oat bran.
Mixture until fairly smooth paste (not bad, small pieces of gear to keep) and then the oat bran and mix with a spoon. Do …

Spread beets, peppers and guacamole

How can I do?
Cream of Beet: Cut chop your beets coarsely, mix the garlic and until smooth. Salt and pepper to taste.
Guacamole: Chop the onion and mix with the lawyer. Add the pepper and sprinkle with …

Green hummus and half raw peas and peas

How can I do?
The day before or 12 hours before the split peas served in a large volume of water at room temperature.
Removing water from soaking the peas, rinse well. Place them in a pot of water to a …