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Panna Cotta with Ferrero Rocher

How can I do?
Use a fork to crush rocks, put aside without the nuts and.
Put chips Ferrero Rocher in a saucepan over low heat melt with the cream, milk and vanilla sugar Ferrero Rocher. Add the agar-agar and simmer …

Panna cotta with cardamom and spices 5

How can I do?
Boil all ingredients together for 2 minutes.
Remove the cardamom seeds and pour into ramekins.
In the refrigerator at least 1 hour and serve. Ingredients:

400 ml milk vanilla soy

20 ml soy …

Panna Cotta with Mango

How can I do?
Heat the cream with the sugar, vanilla and cinnamon. Be careful not to boil. Remove the vanilla and cinnamon.
From the heat enter the agar agar and hand gently 1 minute stirring
3 Cut distribute the …

Vanilla Panna Cotta passion

How can I do?
In a saucepan, turn heat the milk, cream, coconut, lemon juice, vanilla bean agar and Split.
Heat without boiling.
Meanwhile, cook the jam and the contents of the passion fruit. Then strain through a sieve, cool …