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Modern Wall Decal – wall design trends 2014

Notable design wall decoration
Wall decoration and wall stickers are beautiful and even more beautiful than before. We offer a variety of the most beautiful and spectacular wall tattoos are very fashionable in 2014. Our designers are suggestions very carefully and closely …

Bedroom wall design – wall decoration behind the bed

Design your room not only functional and comfortable, but also original and modern
One of the unwritten bedroom furniture rules is as follows – the bed should be placed next to the wall. This position gives us a sense of security, protection and …

Wall color lagoon – you feel the sea breeze and the home

color lagoon wall leads you to dream
Did you like it takes changes in style in interior design often? A new accessory, fashion pendant lights or the lush table that you saw in the furniture business … yesterday, everything seems so tempting, right? …

Setting hall – practical design ideas for your home

Design ideas in the hallway
What you use the field? Mainly used this space for clothes and shoes. However, many people underestimate its importance. Here, so you can effectively use this area and establish the great room! Learn how to do! Exposure

Colorful wallpaper for children's rooms by Allison Krongard

Wallpapers interesting creators
Allison Krongard designer was inspired by his son, interests and abilities that change very quickly. It has created a collection of wallpaper colorful patterns for children. There are so many styles for boys and girls – apples, Eismohr, rainbows, stripes …

Wall Murals patterns and images – Art of Trimming

If you talk about this issue, which is the first association that comes to mind?
We immediately think of some bands. But you can get much more out of it and today's example illustrates very well. It has seen relatively late in the …

Wall stickers or wallpaper as desired

Wall stickers and wallpapers designed by you – beautiful wall decoration Spoonflower
When it comes to wall stickers and wallpaper, we believe today more creativity and originality. There must be something special – unusual designs, patterns or textures fresh strike. Among the latter …

Wall color brown tones – warm and natural

color shades of brown wall – natural and comfortable
Set up the wall color in shades of brown, is a good idea. If you want to select the range of brown color for your wall decor, you are not mistaken. Brown / Beige …

Bedroom wall design – Thematic Bedroom Design and Wall Decoration

Wall color and decor in the bedroom
Are you satisfied with your bedroom design? Do you want to change something and improve it? Particularly striking in this room is the bedroom wall and the old God thank you posters have remained in the …

25 Wall emphasize ideas – be different!

Be Artist at home
Need to paint your walls? If you are planning something in the near future, we will give you some pictures and advice on this process. Our ideas inspire stress of the wall and you always keep in mind that: …