Refined by Wall Shelves

Regale - Refined by Wall Shelves

Looking for good places to store objects is still a nascent current topic for many people

If all possible surfaces with objects piled with you, then it may be time to look around your home and look for creative ideas for new warehouse space. Most doors with respect to the surface of the wall is positioned so that a lot of this field still can not be used. So you can set high shelves quite there. Exposure

Filtered by Wall Shelves

Wanddekoration - Refined by Wall Shelves Display in this picture you can see a single plate, which offers space for books, vases and baskets. In the next picture we see how to create multi-level shelving area for collections Wandgestaltung - Refined by Wall Shelves

This is an idea of the appropriate furniture for the case, if you have less space above the door. The other elements that can be placed on shelves above the door and can save the space, these PEZ dispensers are Refined by Wall Shelves Whether you choose one or the other object so you must remember that you need to think about pre-planning in these cases. Next how high is the space available, use shelves pre-made or custom made. Bring everything to the right place Refined by Wall Shelves The shelves may be flat panels. In many cases, however, they also protect the edges of the elements in a fall refined wall shelves -. Furnishing ideas that are concerned about security in life, it is particularly important that you send a wire on the shelves. This is especially true for regions where earthquakes are most likely. Look carefully good color Refined by Wall Shelves Basically, you must take the following decision: If the shelves in the wall "disappear" or get out of this. In our case, it was decided to shelves for the color of the room and thus provide a uniform appearance. If you want to achieve the appearance on the screen, then you should do the same context, which shares the shelves, but thinner in order to embrace the entire design. Then we have to do with a system shelves that is darker than the wall Refined by Wall Shelves Wall shelf can actually be super functional Refined by Wall Shelves Here we see a wonderful example. The wall here is the people as a support surface and a library at the same time. It allows you to store a lot of books. There is something charming about how you can reach the books on the top shelf. Bring the books to a new level Refined by Wall Shelves Do you have a large room? You can use this advantage to emphasize visually beautiful with the idea of ​​following device: Floating Library. The only thing you must ensure is that you have to get there. A staircase like this in the picture is too cool. If this is not exactly your style, you can leave you to think of other solutions. How about a retractable staircase, which may disappear as you do not need? Choose the right material Refined by Wall Shelves Many people seem to forget that the wooden shelves are not the only correct option by far. The metal can be easily used in various shapes and sizes. Here you can see a wonderful idea of provision, which supports this view. Screw the two things Refined by Wall Shelves These consoles are very important because you will support the platform and in addition to using this way, it can obviously bear more weight. Consoles can be made of metal and wood and serve a variety of practical and decorative purposes. The advantage of this design ideas, we examined several examples. If we return to the question of how to use these shelves above? The first example of the series shows that these rays are a quick method by which one can expand the space visually. Providing surprises Refined by Wall Shelves Collection of vintage hats made ​​for an exciting connection between the different parts. Useful Aspects Refined by Wall Shelves In the bathroom has been the potential of the storage area in which added up to the door on these rays Refined by Wall Shelves It offers easy access to tissues, where they were housed here. Dressing Refined by Wall Shelves With additional shelves can also increase the interior space of the cabinet, as you can very well see in the example here. Trophies Refined by Wall Shelves Trophies tend to consume valuable space and may appear picturesque property on a straight board. Make sure each trophy is in good hands in this case.

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