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Spice deck and garden design by plants

Terraces and garden design – Beautiful plants cool the atmosphere
Super strictly executed garden design with straight lines could be a wonderful show. But at the same time if you need an element of fantasy, which gives the whole a touch of opulence …

Terrace design ideas for more comfort outdoors

design ideas terrace – Three large verandas for inspiration
Small rooms and terraces have something in common. Many residents who love plants, create from a small porch to a super large garden. Let's look at some great examples together. Here (photo above) …

Terrace design modern and colorful

Yellow and orange lend a unique terrace garden
A fairly simple room has been transformed into something truly unique: Honestly, when did you last see such a well-made and custom design ultra same time? So many articles, so many bright colors and details …

Great home theater set up – for hours watching movies outdoors

Home outdoor cinema! This is still true and wonderful!
Innovations have also! We had a vague idea how it would work exactly. You can now because of the open-air cinema and home. You can organize many events throughout the exterior and enjoy good! …

Modern terrace design for your city apartment – three great examples

Large terraces of the city to the constraint
If you live in a big city? So you probably know by experience how great it is when you have a green terrace. But how do you this is not an easy question! Because you …

Indoor plants on the terrace – green decorating ideas with a twist

Beautiful decorative plants for the city
A hot topic in our online magazine this month are the big green terraces, which were integrated in a metropolitan atmosphere. Here are some examples. These examples have been chosen because they are enviable look good and …