Terrace design modern and colorful

Balkonmöbel - Terrace design modern and colorful

Yellow and orange lend a unique terrace garden

A fairly simple room has been transformed into something truly unique: Honestly, when did you last see such a well-made and custom design ultra same time? So many articles, so many bright colors and details are here! It seems that all super-harmonic, uniform and full of life. The plan of the terrace is square. On the left side there is a stone wall, the authentic texture is clear to see. Right picture seems to be the limit to another house or other building. On the right, we have a walled area with a wooden lattice design on the top. Bridge scene as two levels can be seen on the opposite side view. Instead of railing of the terrace is protected by a glass wall. The panels are connected together by wooden beams. White, large flat tiles were laid on the ground. Exposure

Terrace modern design, comfortable and kunterbunt

Balkonpflanzen - Terrace design modern and colorful rectangular display circular shapes, and the nature of the part. Here, we made the plan and all other constructive around key elements. Around the table are the most seats and flower pots. Uniform, forms and so everything is harmonious. These are almost all objects except for himself since. No wall is like the others, no seats except two chairs is one of the two. A few decorative pillows of the same kind are there. Planters are all different sizes. But most were placed in specially created for this purpose are pebbles. Among the dominant colors of yellow, orange and red. These are present on the seat cushion on the seat round, flowers. Fruits (oranges) and flowers also show that shade. Plants and trees on the terrace Terrassengestaltung - Terrace design modern and colorful

The colors on the breakfast table also harmonize with it. All this works perfectly with the green background, the window wall of the terrace view. How to find this dynamic garden design? Would they fit the style of your house well? Another similar example Terrace design modern and colorful Terrace with awning and wall tiles fresh Terrace design modern and colorful Designed outdoor kitchen and dining area on the terrace Terrace design modern and colorful Enjoy the easy life Terrace design modern and colorful

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