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Braided hanging chair – a stylish mystery of coziness

Glider braided ensure a comfortable place, quiet
Not only in summer, you can enjoy many intimate moments. If you really want to relax after work, and as a hammock chair is just what you need. It is a kind of furniture that come …

Pool in the garden – 20 kidney-shaped swimming pool

Pool in the garden with kidney shaped
One of the most important in the establishment of the pool factor is at home looking its shape. We have already discussed with you the various possible forms in other articles. We hope you felt addressed …

Cool cloakroom at the garden pool – follow our steps

5 towel for the pool to yourself

The holidays are finally here, and the heat too! So it's time to enjoy our backyard and of course the pool. But who said pool, the wet towels that you always end up making dry onions in the row on the railing of the gallery. …