5 towel for the pool to yourself

The holidays are finally here, and the heat too! So it's time to enjoy our backyard and of course the pool. But who said pool, the wet towels that you always end up making dry onions in the row on the railing of the gallery. To counter the "scourge", today I offer you 5 ideas towel both pretty and practical to do it yourself.

1 PVC pipe

For lovers of building materials, what better than the good old PVC pipe to make a large towel. Practice to perfection with its many bars, it is lightweight and easy to move. Since it is large enough, it is better to leave it on the side of the house or near the hall. Outside - 5 towel for the pool to yourself Source: Indulgy

2 fins surfboard or windsurfing

Old Surfer in my spare time, I must admit that I am partial to this approach towel. To achieve this, you are a piece of wood and paint color of your choice need (bonus points if it is worn and vintage) as well as 4 or 5 fins of your choice. With epoxy, glue the fins on the wooden board. If you use fins windsurfing, which are larger, you can save it with one or two screws. For surf fin, they are in the contact cement and not screw, otherwise they will split. decorating ideas - 5 towel for the pool to yourself Source: Debi's Design Diary

3 tunnel boat rope

Usually reserved for marinas and sailing boats cleats are strong and effective. With spray paint for metal, paint your hook with shades of water colors and install them to the of your patio or on boards, the then high on the shed or home. Swimming pool - 5 towel for the pool to yourself

Source: Etsy

4 The train

This proposal is offered here in a hallway, but it is also very suitable for the outside to keep your towels by the pool or dock boats hanging. The rowing boats are very strong with their water-based lacquer coating. For color, it will bring out the paint strip, or at least well on sand, so that the paint stick. Later install hooks along the handle of the rudder and secure it in height. Note: Install your screws in the middle of the train to prevent it or cleavage. DIY Project - 5 towel for the pool to yourself Source: A Beach Cottage

5 Pallet

Pallet is an ultra-rounder when it comes to project themselves; sometimes it is a support bottle of wine, sometimes a towel awesome. If you do not want to install anchors in the wall of the shed or on the outside wall of the house, put the pallet on the floor and hang on the original hook, your wet towels. 5 towel for the pool to yourself Source: Craft Gossip

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