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Garden pool without chlorine – natural Riehen

Ready to chlorine free swimming in an atmosphere of luxury?
If you are not anywhere near the sea, it would certainly be the best alternative for you to swim this summer, we will present to you today. It is a natural product without …

A stunning roof terrace design – 15 rooftop pools that will look just

Roof terrace design – 15 exciting pools and relaxing on the roof
Most homes with pools on the ground floor office. Many others, however, they integrate into the house. But if none of these variants may be the case for you, …

Modern interior design ideas for holiday home with indoor pool

Villa with indoor pool – Luxury and comfort
The have an outdoor pool in the area is a source of entertainment. You can have lots of fun and relaxation. So the whole family can feel super comfortable and satisfied. However, if the weather …

Vertical garden next to the swimming pool brings more green into your home

Install a vertical garden next to the pool
To bring more real green house is more! The many years of industrialization and urbanization have created a huge gap between us and nature. This now try to fill the house with innovative environmental solutions. …

10 stunning ideas for your swimming pool

Sitting by the pool
Winter is currently in one of its coldest phases and most of us have thick coats and jackets, scarves and all that goes with it. But some now think ANS swimming. But summer is coming faster than you think …

101 pictures of pool in the garden

Luxurious pools and amazing infinity, the quite fascinating
If you opt for a garden pool, you should consider some aspects. Among these awards, installation and size of the pool base, which is more than 3 m deep, are worth it. The pools of …

Swimming pool in the garden – landscape ideas for swimming pools

design ideas for swimming pools
The introduction of a swimming pool in the countryside is very important. It is of paramount importance in terms of the animation in the yard. For many people this is difficult and represents a big challenge. Many homeowners …

38 of the most spectacular contemporary pools

38 of the most spectacular contemporary pools that inspire
Some time ago we showed you Part I of the most spectacular contemporary pool featured on our site. Thank you to the incredible popularity of the article is here now the second part of …

Pool in the garden – 20 kidney-shaped swimming pool

Pool in the garden with kidney shaped
One of the most important in the establishment of the pool factor is at home looking its shape. We have already discussed with you the various possible forms in other articles. We hope you felt addressed …

Cool cloakroom at the garden pool – follow our steps