10 stunning ideas for your swimming pool

Pool - 10 stunning ideas for your swimming pool

Sitting by the pool

Winter is currently in one of its coldest phases and most of us have thick coats and jackets, scarves and all that goes with it. But some now think ANS swimming. But summer is coming faster than you think and if you have a villa or a bigger house, you will definitely want to enjoy your free time there, with a swimming pool. This is a good investment, which should appear at the end. Therefore, it is too early in any case, think about it. Do you have new ideas? We have 10 like you and they all come from the company COS design Mebourne. You will meet here at a time mix of materials as well as the highly intelligent solution to the problem of space. We have designed these beautiful ideas for outdoor area with pool. Take a virtual tour and imagine yourself floating carelessly. Exposure

Ideas for your pool

Schwimmbad - 10 stunning ideas for your swimming pool the input and output areas can be a good place for elements of intelligent design. Write down the steps of the water? On the left side there are two such a broader level, looking inside. This zone is longer and extends to the farthest corner of the pool. A series of underwater benches where you can relax wonderful shapes. They facilitate up and down or climbing into the pool. The limited space Schwimmbecken - 10 stunning ideas for your swimming pool

In this pool, there is an intimate ambience. Thus, it seems more welcoming. However, this is only possible if a path leading to the water. Dense cored represent a kind of limit and define the space as a kind of the outer region. In addition, we see here a shower, which emerges strongly against the back wall painted contrasting. Their grades reflect the fountain in the middle of the pool. The other pool tiles can absorb the aqua color surrounding the water with which the pools are associated. Accessories 10 stunning ideas for your swimming pool Many smart items placed in the landscape enhance the simplicity of the lap pool. At the other end, you can see a sculpture appears as a bank. It is the opposite of the pool and serves as a focal point. It breaks the monotonous appearance of the wall. It also has a covered pavilion and no, it serves a correction instead of hot sun next to the security fence almost invisible. A drill was placed in the front zone. That rises above the water and holding a long narrow bed agave adorning the corner of the pool. It features a fountain, which is located on the central axis of the house and pool. You can see more shifted to the left side of the image sculpture. It is in line with the well and focuses on the theme. The scenes 10 stunning ideas for your swimming pool Water is what the viewer interested, but the forms of focus in the background block with exactly help. You bring the luminance of the more advantage pool. These forms also provide a place that is even more interesting. Note the wonderful visual balance, which was concluded between the various figures. The pool itself is a very simple form. Elements layers 10 stunning ideas for your swimming pool Plans overlap and architecture are gathered here the three essential elements of the space - the house, the water and the pool. The idea was forwarded by the wooden platform. One has the feeling that hovers above the water on the far edge of the pool. The overhang of the bathroom swimming creates a visual connection to the tub area, which is located on the other side. At the same time, it provides shade in the porch. The lines in the design of pools 10 stunning ideas for your swimming pool The elements of the pool here reflect the contemporary architecture of the modern home items. The details that make the horizontal lines of the ceiling of validity. It seems to float above the pool. The lines provide a visual surface to the other and contribute to overflow from the pool appears more. Lighting 10 stunning ideas for your swimming pool The lighting makes a greater dimension in the room. The pools become even more interesting phenomenon, because the water is so beautiful in the presentation state. Because in fact you go to watch the swimming pool in much more time. On summer evenings, you'll appreciate this real effect. It not only has an abundance of light in the pool, but also the environment is well lit. They brought plants and colors especially difficult to bear. Axes 10 stunning ideas for your swimming pool There are usually two main reasons for the insertion of a pin in the design of the pool. On one hand, it can be found a structure, and sometimes it is a good working method through which you can create a connection with the surrounding landscape. Steps lead from the porch to the pool. It creates an axis of rotation wonderful home. It was reproduced in the form of the porch on the other side of the pool. This approach has focused on the relationship with nature. Mixed Materials 10 stunning ideas for your swimming pool The special character of this pool is determined by a mixture of materials that are stuck in the corner areas. This is a success story that should not be seen as self-evident. The mixture can be successful only when their position and shape of sense in terms of the overall structure. The white walls are dressed as an extension and a bottom water. By beds of stone and the edges of the pool were increased. The container plant on the right side next to the end push out of the water. They were created from the same material as the pool. There you have more plants placed. Three-dimensional 10 stunning ideas for your swimming pool Often, we think that two oversized swimming pools design. This is wrong. This false impression is that it is above the surface and the shape you mean by that. The pools also have depth, as it is understood. That's why it makes sense to transfer parts of the architecture in the design of floating ribbons. It has been successful in both the present and some of the previous examples. If desired the sense of privacy is, in this example here particularly strong advantage. Create a paradise in your backyard 10 stunning ideas for your swimming pool He added wonderful garnet details here. They serve as a dramatic fountain. The amount of which contributes to the feeling of the atmosphere at very high private. This greatly contributes to the complex visual dimension. Here just like in one of the examples previously applied the concept of banking. Who would not want to rest in a place like this? The pools are a feature of the villas are luxurious, elegant, sociable, but also natural. They should help them relax and restore harmony. Therefore, here all aspects of vital importance. Here it is a complex structure that, once built, can not be so easily transformed. Take therefore the main principles, which have been described above, taking into account so that you are able to create a true paradise. Classics, massive garden chairs 10 stunning ideas for your swimming pool Decorations fascinated by nature
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