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Modern design sofa Lagoon of Solpuri

Modern design sofa Lagoon Solpuri
The chic, modern sofa design by Solpuri – Lagoon is named for the summer and friends are welcome! It is designed stylish and attractive, not too expensive and very functional this. Equipped with LED light, the circular platform …

Chic and practical solutions for the home and garden with deck chair in summer

Chic and practical solutions for home and garden with deck chair in summer
Consider all: when you really need a folding chair? They come in space or save additional seating in use when needed. You can save the day in many situations, do …

Cool designer furniture from old traffic signs

Furniture design cool old signs
Today, we present the unique design furniture by Boris Bally. This innovative designer works primarily in the industrial style and practical use items such as construction materials. He even parts of old weapons used to create furniture. It …

Stressless office chair – Provide for the comfort in the office

Comfort and convenience
Stressless office chair is made of perforated foam. The new technology – called "comfort zone" makes you sit back quietly and take your place, giving a sense of comfort. The polyester stuffing still an attractive aspect to it. Exposure

The 10 most chic interior design ideas for wall cabinet – late 2013 / early 2014

Chic pool table – great entertainment with Bolero by Tresserra

Chic pool table – the Bolero Tresserra for infinite Entertainment
Discover a new pool table? Does your entertainment room more freshness and verve? Do you want to innovate? So take a look at the new pool table Bolero Tresserra. This picture is not …

50 basket hanging chair – cool interior design ideas for hanging chair with frame

Treat yourself to an ergonomic eye-catcher!
There are many styles of wicker chairs on the market suspended. It is based on the curves of the base model, as can be seen in different sizes – huge and medium. The hanging basket chair medium …

Soon – furniture as mobile phone chargers

Soon – furniture to charge your mobile phone
Wireless charging of mobile devices has been possible for several years and many people have benefited from its advantages.
How does this work? – Furniture as mobile phone chargers
Indicator, the base station …

Recycled furniture used as plant containers by Peter Bottazzi and Denise Bonapace

Recycled furniture used as plant containers – Morto A Orto Since Peter Bottazzi and Denise Bonapace
Designers Peter Bottazzi and Denish Bonapace presented this exhibition of recycled furniture used as container plants, 2,011 Da Morto A Orto called, meaning Milan "unnecessary to impose" …

20 great sideboards teak

Side tables in teak wood for the dining room
I feel that teak tables have always been there. They are both classic and modern and can be used in many different rooms of the house. You can do this with a beautiful and …