Addressing Sexual Abuse in Schools

Human Rights Workshops Working With Young People in Cameroon
Addressing Sexual Abuse in SchoolsThe project is a human rights training, aimed at strengthening the understanding of rights by adolescent girls and boys, teachers and school personnel, as well as parents and community leaders. This is an urgent response to the high incidences of sexual violence and human rights abuses of vulnerable people at schools, at homes and in the communities of the South West Region of Cameroon.

The project will consist of interactive training workshops and be structured to especially create “programs for boys who celebrate masculinity from a point of view of protecting, caring, and managing appetites” . It is hoped that at the conclusion of this project, government will adopt similar (if not this actual idea) and implement it in other parts of the country as well.

The Human Right index situation in Cameroon has not been the best with the organizations in charge of advocating decrying lack of resources. We must therefore find, innovative ways of reaching out to the communities and principal actors who are dynamic, full of energy and ready to advocate for their rights. This project seeks to train youths to be principal actors in Human Rights Education and the fight against Sexual Crimes. It is also important that these young people be educated so that they would talk to their peers.
Volunteers will share an apartment with two other International Volunteers from Italy. The apartment is fully furnished and has a wifi.
Qualifications requirements
We are not looking for volunteers who have a vast experience in Human Rights but we are rather looking for a volunteer who has a vast experience in coordinating projects and other volunteers. We are are looking for volunteers who have an experience in Project Management.
Skills requirements
Project Management
Fundraising Experience
Report Writting
Physical fitness requirements
No requirements
Compulsory languages
Minimum age
Maximum age
In a typical day
During the week, volunteers are charged with preparing a weekly plan, developing schedules for other volunteers, organizing sensitization workshops and outreach activities.

On Monday, the coodinator prepares the activity plan for the week, Tuesday, logistical preparation is done for the outreach activities, Wednesday is outreach activities, Thursday is writting of reports and on Friday evaluation of the week

Map for Muyuka Cameroon

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