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Cool Interior Decorating Ideas Including Redecorating With Wall Murals

Interior design ideas fresh and creative wall decoration with wallpaper patterns
Many people dream of completely transforming the house in a few hours. You can do it with the help of an old friend: It’s about wall murals. Nowadays, there are so many new techniques that …

Yelp staff accommodation in San Francisco

Yelp staff quarters – Design Ideas
You recognize the name, right? When it comes to restaurants and hotels reviews, then the names are still of great importance. Like other giants like Google, Yahoo and Facebook, the company Yelp decided to give employment opportunities …

Luxury interior design ideas – exclusive interiors in the castle look

Luxury interior design ideas – as you want to live in a castle?
We'll be honest with you – decorating ideas luxury in neo-baroque style are easy to implement in all cases. If you want to create an atmosphere of fantasy …

Stylish Apartment of Craft Arquitectos in Mexico

An elegant apartment in Mexico
The TB-1602 Craft Arquitectos project was completed in 2012. The result is an invitation, elegant apartment located in Bosques del Olivo, México. Architects have a unique combination of materials, textures and ceiling heights used and achieves a unique …

Small Apartment in Sydney – chic contemporary decor of Minosa Design Studio

Apartment in Sydney – Contemporary and chic decor
When it comes to small apartments, functionality and comfort, then there are two "big questions" that must be taken into account. The biggest challenge facing a designer is to increase the space of the apartment, …

Design and fashion of the 70s are back! Can you handle it?

Design and fashion of the 70s are back!
You will be transferred from thinking about 70 to waver? This period is associated with many actually show! This is evident when looking at old photos of Soul Train and "Groove" by artist Steven Colbert. …

Summer Design Decoration Ideas – Refresh your home design for the coming summer!

Interior design ideas for summer
Most people think that the summer months as a time when you switch to a low speed. A time to relax, time for the holidays. This is also the time for change in our environment. What this means …

Knife Block for Kitchen Knives – Arrange your knife set with style on!

Have kitchen items correctly
Are you satisfied with your own kitchen equipment? Do you think everything is in place and the whole system of the organization is safe enough? Leave your children alone in the kitchen when you are in the living room, …

Send recessed lighting for modern interiors – stylish and inviting

Send recessed lighting for modern interiors
The lighting is often the best when it is at least noted. If you do not add an extravagant lamp or a dazzling chandelier inside, lighting fires going around Spotlight. The right lighting can enhance or break …

Original idea for dark stylish interior

Inspiring ideas for stylish interior black

Dark colors can make an elegant and mysterious design of your entire home. Bright colors and pastel colors create beautiful contrasts in dark interior. Wooden furniture and soft textures add cozy reasons for Sharp scheme …