Provided sustainable eco-house in the form of football for Lionel Messi

Designer villa by architect Luis de Garrido
Football shape inspired the architect Luis de Garrido has a fantastic eco house designed specifically for Argentine football star Lionel Messi. Green Home “1: 0″ name has a huge, cylindrical in shape and has a rooftop garden with lush …

125 great ideas for children's room design

Take your room design for creative kids!
room design for children is not only a process of implementation. This is how the game – and sees room for her child. Our children are our world and we constantly want to make them happy …

Paper Rosary Valentine Ideas – itself tinker

Ideas Day Rosary paper Valentine – tinker
A creative blog Yarner mother I was the string of amazing paper created specifically designed for the home, ideal for decorating Valentine's Day. It is a little long, but is really great. This woman used a …

Painting walls – ideas for the living room

Painting walls – you venture out and choose bright colors
Maybe the new season of spring has awakened a desire to refresh and renovation also with you. This is quite normal and we would be happy if we can help. There are several …

Room Planner – free 3D room planner

Development of free space – applications for iPad and Android
Looking for exciting and innovative new ways in which you can set up your home? One of those ways is to get into an empty room and visually present the arrangement of furniture …

Modern living room furniture with mirror surface

15 beautiful living room furniture with mirror surfaces
Is not it great when we experience new furniture in our favorite furniture stores? I do not know about you, but we still fresh on the spot ideas and see what's new. We are still …

Indoor plants suitable for dark locations

Some care potted plants easy for your home
Even if you properly care for your houseplants, could slow its Wuchstum if they do not get enough sun. There are many areas that are very dark and off. The good news is there, you …

25 simple Easter decoration ideas at the last minute

With these beautiful and simple decorating ideas Easter, you will create a festive atmosphere in your home! Pastel colors are popular this season and we still have inspirations as crowns, table decoration, ideas for Easter buffet decorating ideas, decorative candles and instead found. Use …

Stylish Apartment of Craft Arquitectos in Mexico

An elegant apartment in Mexico
The TB-1602 Craft Arquitectos project was completed in 2012. The result is an invitation, elegant apartment located in Bosques del Olivo, México. Architects have a unique combination of materials, textures and ceiling heights used and achieves a unique …

Fashion bedroom wall – color combination and color design

Colors elegant and intelligent room wall
Forget those boring colors, white, blue and beige room. Replaced by bright, bold colors. Combine saturated, let a lot of light coming into the room and create a good atmosphere nuances. Many experts consider the red, orange, …

Designer Coconut chair by George Nelson brings style to your room

Designer Coconut Chair by George Nelson
President coconut by George Nelson has a beautiful and refreshing geometric variation in a modern room. The shape of this design icon imitating a section of coconut shell and carries a tropical freshness. Exposure
Excellent fireplace warms …

Table decoration crafts – Halloween decoration do it yourself

Finished fabulous table decoration for Halloween
Buh! Are you afraid of ghosts? Or looking forward, but on Halloween, when children are covered with white sheets, adult costumes with foot skeleton with pumpkin lanterns in hand. You can take advantage of the opportunity to …

Refined by Wall Shelves

Looking for good places to store objects is still a nascent current topic for many people
If all possible surfaces with objects piled with you, then it may be time to look around your home and look for creative ideas for new warehouse …

Terrace design ideas – 16 creative designs for the porch

16 creative designs for the porch
Do we see today, together, how to warm up a bit of creativity through the porch? We have prepared 16 super great examples for you. Here, we used a lot of bright colors and cool tones. We …

Small Apartment in Sydney – chic contemporary decor of Minosa Design Studio

Apartment in Sydney – Contemporary and chic decor
When it comes to small apartments, functionality and comfort, then there are two "big questions" that must be taken into account. The biggest challenge facing a designer is to increase the space of the apartment, …

Provided sustainable eco-house in the form of football for Lionel Messi

Designer villa by architect Luis de Garrido
Football shape inspired the architect Luis de Garrido has a fantastic eco house designed specifically for Argentine football star Lionel Messi. Green Home “1: 0″ name has a huge, cylindrical in shape and has a rooftop garden with lush …

Sugar Pie

How can I do?
The yeast in the milk. In a bowl, combine the flour, sugar, milk / yeast, butter and eggs. Knead and let rest the pâte1 hours in the refrigerator.
Roll the dough into a round cake pan …

Indian recipe spice zucchini

How can I do?
Heat a little oil in a pan. When it is hot, then cumin. Add asafetida. Garlic and ginger and stir. Tomatoes and mix. Add spices: curry and turmeric and mix.
Place the zucchini, stir and season with …

Kitchen island ideas for small space

Ideas kitchen island for small space
You can enjoy your meal preparation faster and more efficient in an island of innovative cuisine through. You definitely inflate your workspace and show your style and interior design in the kitchen. Follow us and see our …

Ideas for modern garden lighting refresh the patio furnishings

Ideas for modern garden lighting refresh the patio furnishings


Kenya Photos

Kenya photos, Lifestyle in Kenya, Volunteering In Kenya

Save Trees Save Environment Save Earth

“Everyone is a stakeholder as we are all inhabitants of the one and only mother Earth, so please take care of it.”
• Forests are home to 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity.
• The livelihoods of 1.6 billion people depend on forests.
• More than a quarter …

Animal Ethics

In the past, most people believed that non-human animals didn’t have feelings or intelligence. It was thought that animals weren’t important and that they existed simply for people to use for food, clothing, transport, labour and entertainment. However, as human society has …

How to Volunteer?

Do you want to volunteer ? There are so many ways to volunteer your time these days, the only problem is choosing from the many worthwhile causes.

What is a Volunteer?

You must be the change you wish to see in the world
Mahatma Ghandi

Are you overwhelmed by the breadth of poverty, sickness and despair in the world? Do you wish you were rich and could help people in need? What if we told you, you can …

Why Volunteer ?

20 Reasons to Volunteer
Why should you be a volunteer? Let me count the ways. Volunteers make the world go round.  So if you’ve been thinking about volunteering, stop thinking and just do it!  Here are 20 reasons why.

Cool interior design ideas, which include the redesign with Wall Murals

Interior design ideas fresh and creative wall decoration with wallpaper patterns
Many people dream of, to convert the house completely within hours. You can do this with the help of an old friend: It's about Wall Murals. This one has to do these …

Is Interior Design An Investment In Time?

Is Interior Design An Investment In Time?

Most of us have a home, office, garage or attic that needs remodeling work. Or we are getting ready to start from scratch and are in need of a good interior designer who can can help us plan everything down to the smallest detail, and …

Volunteer Job Ideas In Land Based Australian Casino

Volunteer Job Ideas In Land Based Australian Casino

Almost always we tend to associate the idea of volunteering to humanitarian activities and initiatives, like helping poor people, sponsoring children in developing countries, raising funds for reconstruction after natural disasters and so on.
These activities are probably the most common as to volunteer, but there …

Best Colors For A Home-Made Game Room

Best Colors For A Home-Made Game Room

In the world there are countless colors and nuances for each main color, which gives as a result an amazing kaleidoscope of colors. Home designs usually employs only a part of such an immense range of possible colors, putting more importance on certain colors that …

Top 3 Benefits Of Electric Cars

During the past ten years, the car industry has experienced a genuine revolution. And while “traditional” cars are still popular, the invention of affordable hybrids and electric vehicles has definitely changed the way we look at cars today. As a matter of fact, cars have …