Mardin International Music Days Project

We have a music festival every year in Mardin. Also include a youth exchange in a major part. We are searching young musicians participants for April 2015 . Please check this website about 2014 Music Days in Mardin. ​​

We are looking for 7 NGOs or informal groups only organization working about music) from all around world to apply on the next deadline of 1st of October 2014 for the project ‘Mardin International Music Project’’

This Project is aimed:
-to get 42 young musician coming together from 7 countries
-bring their local songs and discover local musics here to combine them.
-to work together and find local song with mixing groups
-to create music and rhythm group for final show
-to prepare choir with children for final performance
-to make street music performances
-to give overcoming stereotype opportunity
-to create final album including Multi-languages and cultures
-to be part of some clips will be shoot.

Young musicians from different cultures will join to teach and learn.
to create sounds and at the end of this workshops final shows will be in the open cinema and at the performance center of Artuklu University in Mardin.

The Advanced Planning Visit is important activity for us to create a great project with partners so we are going to plan ADV. Music, Instrument, rhythm, sound recording and editing will be the tools of the project to work

This call is for NGOs, associations or informal groups, and individuals or participants
Participant age: 6 Participants – 1 Group Leader and gender equality
16- 25 year old ===> 6 or 5 persons
26-30 year old ===> max1 Person
No age limit ===> 1 Group Leader


Travel cost is calculated by EU with Distance Calculator.
Please visit the below link:

%100 of Visa Costs.
%100 of Accommodation and Food
Accommodation and food is going to be provided by organization

Please contact us if you are potentially partner.

INFO PACK will be sent your mail .

Thank you very much

Map for Mardin, Turkey

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