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The black wallpaper creates an artistic living environment in your home

Screen black makeup for a sophisticated look in the living room and bedroom background
Would you like more luxury and elegance in your home? It would be wonderfully sublime avant-garde in some form. Specifically created some of the most beautiful screen in black …

Choose the appropriate color for the living room wallpaper

What you should consider when choosing wallpaper the living room
Not only the wall stickers are trendy, even wallpapers are again very quickly. You might be wondering how you should choose the right wallpaper living room, for example? An important point is that …

18 chic and useful suggestions for interesting nature wallpaper – Design solutions

Useful ideas for interesting nature screensaver funds
Nature of silk screen, sisal, Schlift, bamboo and other materials funds to create a serene and peaceful atmosphere in every room of the house. These natural substances give decorating a new twist. Screen such funds have …

Wall design with patterned wallpaper – 13 decoration ideas

Wall stickers or wallpaper as desired

Wall stickers and wallpapers designed by you – beautiful wall decoration Spoonflower
When it comes to wall stickers and wallpaper, we believe today more creativity and originality. There must be something special – unusual designs, patterns or textures fresh strike. Among the latter …

Surrealistic wallpapers for more fun in any room

Surrealists painted for more fun in all rooms
These fantastic, surreal wallpapers are designed by the German company Surrealien. With the help of various optical illusions are created in each room. It is very original and effective, if you distort the pattern of …

21 unusual ideas wallpaper in the bathroom – stylish and refreshing

21 original ideas wallpaper in the bathroom – Refresh your bathroom
The wallpapers are not the most popular wall covering the bathroom. While there are on the market a wide variety of Venyltapeten, they are not people buy in large quantities. In fact, …

Living room wall design ideas – cool examples of wallpaper pattern

New ideas for the design of the wall in the living room
In your room, ideas for life missing? Then you are right with us. The Wall of Life is our subject today. In fact, we want to focus on ideas with painted …

Imitate cool wallpaper pattern that Bookcases – 14 interior design with attractive wall decoration

Imitate cool wallpaper pattern that Bookcases – 14 interior design with attractive wall decoration
The shelves full of books in every room of the house creating a feeling of comfort and serenity. If you do not have enough books for a small library, …

The new wallpaper trends 2014

Enchant your walls with wallpaper trends 2014
Find your own style, not only in terms of clothing and accessories, but also the design and interior decoration. We now show 12 fabulous wallpaper trends for 2014. With a new wall decoration you can do …