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Create creative wall design with letters and writings

Creative wall decoration – typographic wall art ideas
You do not want to stop swell your eyes boring wall art? I will not speak for everyone, but I know in my case, the Gaus sometimes full of photos and travel Famielien- was working. …

Modern home shows opulent wall design studio designed by Ando

Modern house shows opulent wall
Designers and artists Ando Israeli studio committed to designing the structure of elegant and opulent building with a creative wall design. Both houses are presented here are no exception. Every detail is carefully and thoroughly thought out and …

Contemporary designs and animal pattern with dogs

Think small dimensions
Did you know that the animal model with dogs is one of the biggest challenges of interior design for many people? Here are some tips that will cope more easily than expected.
animal model with dogs
Small spaces …

Sliding doors as room dividers – more privacy in the small apartment

Useful furnishing solutions at low prices for partitions
Many design firms manufactures innovative and contemporary sliding doors used as partitions. But customers are showing mixed feelings for this show equivalent advantages and disadvantages. But in our view, the sliding doors are a very …

Wall color mint green gives your living room a magical flair

Wall mint green color – images, ideas and color combinations
For those of you whose favorite color is mint green, I summarized the following gallery. Scroll down and enjoy the many examples. This will give you a clear idea of how you can …

Color chart wall color – Pick the right shades for your wall decoration

Color wall chart – Slide your colored walls
Do you have ideas and inspiring examples of the color of the walls looked? Each has a special energy that is best in a concrete part. Depending on the image below, the warm colors like …

Concrete wall color – how can you delete a concrete wall?

Either by matching the color of the concrete wall seems comfortable
Many modern materials always bring a unique charm. But that does not change the fact that wood is still very popular. It is therefore not surprising that we invented beautiful wall colors …

Wall color olive green relaxes the senses and fights against daily stress

Olive green wall is perceived as harmonious and relaxing
There is no secret that the green color is soothing and relaxing. It stands for vitality and energy and symbolizes hope and a new life. It would be a shame if it does not …

Slate blue wall – wall design ideas with blue hues

Slate blue wall – wall design with blue gray shades
Let a little inspiration from nature, particularly the animal world, and we take the beauty of pigeons under the microscope. We meet these birds often on the road. They run and fly very …

Make Wall itself – wonderful wall decoration and a tool for organization

Cool and useful wall decor
Now, 2014 is already here and I try to organize everything a bit better. The billboards are wonderful for organizing documents and schedules. They can serve as a sort of command center for the kitchen and throughout the …