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Forget the bare walls – design your art gallery with picture frames on the wall

Striking wall decor – an art gallery with frames on the wall
Frames are a very easy and effective to customize the way your home decoration. Because you can actually also have decorative items, art, books, or even collections of the plate. And …

Select Contemporary wall color for home

Choose the color of the wall to the contemporary home
Today, we have divided our article on choosing colors for the wall according to the different colors. Search your favorite color and follow our tips to get the best results. Exposure
Red …

Send wall decoration with Kiss

Send mural with kiss – Celebrate love every day
The Kiss – an eternal symbol of love and friendship. Do you remember when was your first kiss? A kiss can make the heart beat faster and completely erase the idea of ​​age. Chic …

Altrosa as wall color – fresh color design

Delicate interior design, female
The living room and the budget is a very important element in our lives. If you want a clever remodeling your home, you should first check the latest colors and try. You will find many ideas for the old …

Cool wall design – fresh ideas for your interior

Cold wall design – leave your empty walls no case
Refresh your home with new ideas. Let your walls empty and not insert accents. You manage not difficult. According to your wishes and ideas that you can drag a wall of the room …

Contemporary art from recycled materials by Jane Perkins

There are people who create the feats of unnecessary items, even from waste
Thus, a creative person is Jane Perkins. She is a British painter and created her works of art that is purchased on the local flea market from unnecessary objects such …

Create creative wall design with letters and writings

Creative wall decoration – typographic wall art ideas
You do not want to stop swell your eyes boring wall art? I will not speak for everyone, but I know in my case, the Gaus sometimes full of photos and travel Famielien- was working. …

Decorate your walls – wall decoration with wonderful modern stickers

Playful mural with gorgeous modern stickers
Our daily life is really hectic. It is determined by the new 24-hour access to social networks and many technological innovations. Our time is shortened and this applies to all areas of our lives. We are both …

Make Wall itself – wonderful wall decoration and a tool for organization

Cool and useful wall decor
Now, 2014 is already here and I try to organize everything a bit better. The billboards are wonderful for organizing documents and schedules. They can serve as a sort of command center for the kitchen and throughout the …