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Blue Wallpaper – the perfect Piped in each room

Spread a nautical feel at home, with wallpaper in blue
Thanks to a blue screen (or indeed more) that you provide the following good news: relax and dream. These form the perfect backdrop for her. It is possible to introduce the blue painted …

Wall design with patterned wallpaper – 13 decoration ideas

Wall Murals patterns and images – Art of Trimming

If you talk about this issue, which is the first association that comes to mind?
We immediately think of some bands. But you can get much more out of it and today's example illustrates very well. It has seen relatively late in the …

Dekotapete – stunning colors, patterns and designs

Superb rooms are converted Dekotapete
Dekotapete today has become a real art. Rich colors, patterns and fabrics, Dekotapeten be widely applicable and enhance the interior decoration of many houses. Inspired by the culture, history and art manufacturers have tried the most innovative methods …

Cheap wall covering with artificial stone

Moody, atmospheric wildlife directly from nature
Finished modern house with stone creates a great atmosphere in a room and decorated the walls. A similar pattern shows even warmth and comfort, which features an integrated chimney. An accent wall with built-in shelving is fabulous …

Underline plastic panels – wall paneling in a fresh color

Can you highlight plastic panels?
If you plan to renew your wall or ceiling panels and highlight in a fresh new color, you can refer to inform you that your ceiling and walls are covered with panels. The term "panel" is generally wood …

Living room wall design ideas – cool examples of wallpaper pattern

New ideas for the design of the wall in the living room
In your room, ideas for life missing? Then you are right with us. The Wall of Life is our subject today. In fact, we want to focus on ideas with painted …