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Wall color grays – stay in tune with the fashion

shades of gray mural – an elegant choice for your home
The gray color is known primarily as a neutral color. Neutral means darker than white and lighter than black in general. He has a sense of distance, but in a mysterious magical …

Bright wall colors – how to apply them effectively

Brightly colored walls will make your stay in a new light
What is the most important issue in your choice of colors? It is clear throughout that we all want to do the right thing and sometimes necessary. Not only …

Wall color shades of brown – earthy, natural coziness at home

Discover the natural beauty of the brown
The Browns are earthy, natural, and most people use in interior design. The Braun can be easily adapted and combined well with any type of lighting in each room. This color is associated with traditional warmth …

Select bedroom wall color and make a modern feel

wall color of the room – a rich palette of colors to choose
Looking for ideas for the bedroom? Colors and decorative dress our next examples Super Great Wall! Room, wall colors, modern design! These are very hot topics. And now …

Wall Color Ideas – Create a colorful wall decoration

wall color ideas for a feeling of living
The spatial effect is strongly influenced by the colors of the walls and dining furniture. This is definitely fixed, but how to choose the right colors and thus combine appropriately. Of course, it depends on …

Bedroom wall design – creative decorating ideas

Impressive and individually, you can make your bedroom wall
In the bedroom, a nice relaxing atmosphere should prevail. Matching colors, furniture and accessories help. Here I will give you some helpful ideas on how you can make your wall the original room. You …

Warm wall colors you can reduce the stress

The color of the walls create a warm cozy atmosphere in your home
It does not matter if you have a calm character and March spirited in life, you want to feel at ease at home. To feel more relaxed at the end …

40 combinations of wall colors – Paint your life colorful!

Cool prank ideas for walls

Lovely colors
Before starting work, prepare the walls and ceiling for painting. The surface must be smooth, clean and dry. Cover the area you do not want painted. The painting itself is an easy and quick task, if you did everything correctly. What …

Wall color Mocca – swipe your walls in a coffee-brown color

Wall color Mocca – a warm and welcoming color
Moka is a shadow associated with the Browns. Their name is derived from the drink mocha coffee and recalls a delicious cup of coffee with milk and a dash of chocolate syrup. Moka is …