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100 cool craft ideas for Easter 2014

Rich collection of beautiful Easter decorations for your home
Easter Sunday is approaching more and more, so you should quickly prepare and decorate the theme and festive home. We have compiled for you a very rich collection, which shows you ideas for quick …

Easter Decor and Ornaments crafts for Easter – 22 combinations for you

Sophisticated decorating ideas for Easter
Easter is a great spring break and everyone wants to enjoy really good. Preparations and expectations bring us more joy than the party itself. How can you create a good atmosphere and mood through expense Easter themed decor? …

Make Easter eggs with decoupage

Easter eggs with cutting – beautiful decorating ideas for cutting
Do you want to create your Easter decoration of something more original this year? Then there is nothing easier to make your Easter eggs with the cutting. This technique is also known as …

Make arrangements Easter itself – creative craft ideas for Easter

Create yourself a lovely table decoration for Easter
Decorate your home and create a festive table decoration for Easter! We have written extensively on the subject and presented us many inspiring examples. Arrangement but never tinkered together. Today you have to do it …

How to make a chic Easter wreath itself

How to make an Easter wreath chic itself
Easter is one of the greatest Christian holidays ever. We decorate our house always appreciated, egg painting in colors and whimsical patterns and like little children on our colorful creations. An important part of Easter …

Easter 2014 – Easter decoration craft cool itself

Check the latest trends for Easter 2014
Today we present a lot of great ideas for decorating Easter one that creates a festive atmosphere at home. The arrangements are different colors, but the main focus of course Easter eggs are everywhere. Exposure

Colorful table decoration for Easter

Tinker festive decoration
Drag your wide-brimmed hat and relax! Spring is just around the corner! What better time to plan a party? All you need to do is invite your guests. We have already selected table decoration and presented here. Our ideas show …

Easter crafts with toddlers

Easter crafts with young children – funny painting Easter eggs
Do you like Easter this year tinkering with young children? If you want to have fun and enjoyment with your children, then you just paint some funny eggs together. Today, we've collected some …

Send DIY ideas on how to craft a festive Easter basket

As you can tinker Easter basket?
After we send you some great ideas for crafts garland presented to Easter and Easter eggs, we show you today some of the original drawings in three variants how to make an Easter basket. Packed Easter not …

Tinker golden eggs themselves

Be original and unique to Easter!
There are different ways you tinker with your Easter eggs, paint and can decorate – some traditional, some extraordinary and today we want to present you a very original idea. How you can tinker golden eggs? Below, …