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35 artful landscaping and garden sculptures of cartoon characters

Modern architect Fabio Novembre and his project Casa Milan

Modern architect Fabio Novembre
Lecce is from Fabio Novembre. But when he decided he wanted to be an architect, he went to Milan. Today, projects with their playfulness and high Technoliogie are known. Casa Milan appointed. It is approximately 900 square feet. Among …

100 Famous works of art – creative sculptures and statues world

Famous works of art that you will never forget
With this article we want to present you with original works of famous art in the world. Art and culture are part of the national heritage of each country, which leaves an unforgettable mark …

Architecture and Design – a unique architect-designed house of Daniel Liebeskind

They Sculpture House Design by Daniel Libeskind
6:36:54 p.m. house shows that the world of architecture and design offers endless possibilities. Rectangles and cross plates location is not the only option for your home is. Brash and unconventional in every sense of the …

Deco sculptures by the designer John Lopez

scale works of art from recycled materials
The designer of South Dakota John Lopez creates sculptures of life-sized metal with a unique design, which is typical of the American West. The old farm equipment, used, recycled materials are welcome, he transforms into works …

Designer coffee maker in the form of a Gothic cathedral

Inspired by the gothic cathedral structure is used to make coffee
This structure serves as a cathedral … coffee … Would you have thought that? He has given new meaning to the preparation of coffee. The idea comes from a company located in …