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40 lighting ideas for living room – cool, modern living room lamps

Lighting design in the living room
When designing the lighting design in the living room, you have to remember what they are going to serve first. Your daily activities will influence your choice. We used the room for more than just a multi-functional …

Examples of living room furniture – highly modern way living ideas

Contemporary home design ideas for living rooms amazing
To make the old new living room is not a difficult task, but you should probably say goodbye to a part of the furniture of the room. How to describe the modern living room could …

Living room color scheme – gray and yellow

No doubt Gray is currently the hottest neutral color in interior design!
The remains unchanged for a few years! It can be a tendency not to! Why not take advantage of the summer to present the shade at home too? To ensure that …

21 gorgeous modern, minimalist living room design

The modern design is becoming more popular
Particularly appreciated when people who place a high value on functionality in their homes. In addition, light and sleek design help that the house is free of stress and unrest. How to achieve this style at …

Receive the natural home – natural stone wall in the living room

Give your home a true natural appearance
The stone walls are not ideas of interior design for the innovative design of the walls, but they are very popular and especially popular in the country style. There are a variety of alternatives for how …

The country house style home – popular design ideas from the 2013

Raw untreated wood with surface was 2013, a very strong tendency
What could be called a rural style? Is given from raw materials such as wood and stone. This is done more or less renouncing machining surface accuracy. So you feel that you …