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Light games at home thanks to your smartphone – Innovative Sonte film

Light games at home with your smartphone – Film innovative Sonte
Leave the house, the presence of a house of the future. Is the motto of the company Sonte. This futuristic solution for conversion of the natural form of the controlled light. The …

Designer lamps made from polyethylene Luz Difusion

design lamps polyethylene – extravagant collection of Luz Difusion
STRUK F – Originally created for the structure is a fast and easy assembly thanks to his unconventional materials (polyethylene mesh), but its form is remarkable for its light intensity. The Designer Collection has …

Broken designer lamps in the form of oversized light bulbs

Simple, but very modern and creative designs lamp
The Swedish company has exhibited its innovative Gässling bulbs refractive collection, a series of 3D lights that capture a time when the printed piece is destroyed. The oversized lamps shaped bulbs appear to be abandoned, …

10 cool ideas for indirect lighting designer

10 great ideas for Indirect Lighting Designer
It's one thing to turn a lampshade to add a touch of color to a room, but to integrate a very different high art as light installations. The summary of modern lighting today through the scale …

Nursery ceiling light – striking lamps and lights

Ceiling corresponding nursery for modern equipment
Are you actually aware of that play an important role in contemporary children's market? You determine trends, they lead their parents to spend lots of money (and not only for children but also for themselves). In addition, …

Basement Lighting – Find the right solution for you!

What is the lighting of the basement right?
The rooms of the basement is for designers that white areas. You can create from virtually anything – the room of men, living in the entertainment room. No matter who you choose idea, however, they …