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Hanging lamps in bubble form of Alex de Witte for Dark

Hanging lamps exception bubble-shaped
The inspiration for this unusual pendant lamps by Alex de Witte comes from childhood. We all played as children diagnosed with soap bubbles and were fascinated by the large bubbles gauze with constantly changing shape. The designers wanted to …

Origami Lampshade – Instructions for DIY enthusiasts

Build your light body with style
We love the look and simplicity that exudes a lampshade origami. More and more people like to tinker, so DIY projects are extremely popular and popular. There are many shades to find on the net – everyone …

Made 10 Pendant Lamp made from recycled objects

10 Suspension fact made from recycled objects
The increased participation of low-impact pieces in the interior design has brought amazing results. Whenever we are looking for new ways to transform the old into the new update or at least, without waste, the creativity …

Designer wall lights for outdoor use

wall lights design for outdoor
Recently, we received many requests from you, our readers, on the outdoor lighting. We have always asked you a little extra information. Often, it has been proven that you will encounter in search of a suitable …

Cool DIY lamps bulbs

Personalize tubes hanging lamps only for an industrial look
If you are inside industrial-style design, you probably noticed how the lights look from bulbs. The best part is, you can buy both these types of lights, and tinker. All you need are the …

15 modern ceiling lights that catch the eye immediately

15 modern light fixtures for your home
Find the perfect lighting for your home? That we can help you today maybe. We have compiled a great list for you. It is about 15 light fixtures that captivate with their beauty. In …

40 lighting ideas for living room – cool, modern living room lamps

Lighting design in the living room
When designing the lighting design in the living room, you have to remember what they are going to serve first. Your daily activities will influence your choice. We used the room for more than just a multi-functional …

Modern lighting designs of diesel – extravagant lighting for your home

Designed models of modern lamps Foscarini Diesel
In this fall season decoration and new home furnishings are booming. Fabulous interior which is custom built and modern, and chic colors and shadows that bring in the mood for fall. Foscarini is a name …

Stylish and extravagant Floor Lamp Designs by Arturo Alvarez

Designs unique and extravagant lamp by Arturo Alvarez
Tina – Hilarious and unprejudiced Tina is provocative and unbound. It draws the viewer's attention due to their simple beauty and sensuality. You can cut the "hair" to reflect your personal style. Polypropylene: black or …

Designer pendant lights in the form of ornament and decoration

15 super-large hanging lamps
lights suspension design! Everyone knows this from his own home. They can take so many different forms! Hanging lamps in different materials and sizes. And if we just want to start talking about all styles, which can be attributed …