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Kitchen countertops and the five best matching materials next to the granite

Materials for kitchen countertops: 5 alternatives to Granite
Certainly, granite and quartz, how many choices for kitchen surfaces. But they are not good for everyone. Before accessing these pillars made also drag the solutions envisaged. Zinc This is an old material that is …

Kitchen block freestanding – more workspace and storage space in the kitchen

Block independent kitchen – a useful addition to your kitchen equipment
Stand up straight when planning a kitchen? The kitchen is the room that must be implemented carefully and sensibly. Some of us cook as often as necessary, as they have a large …

Designer kitchen island – discreet and practical

Designer kitchen island "Artusi" – compact and flexible
Antonio Citterion is the designer of the kitchen island "Artusi." It is compact, flexible, convenient and practical. It's simple and quiet air, and is convertible, so it fits all kitchens and for everyone. "Artusi" can …

Kitchen Island Design Ideas – Types and personalities behind the function

Kitchen Island Design Ideas – Types and personalities behind the public
Designers have developed and implemented the idea of ​​the kitchen island for good reason. They wanted to establish the kitchen as a multifunctional place. This is not just a cooking area we …

Kitchen design – Atemberaubernde work areas in the kitchen

Kitchen Design – The best workspaces acrylic stone
Today we want to address the issue of the design of the kitchen again. In this regard, we would like to say from the stone HI-MACS acrylic few words. It is produced by the LG …

Select the perfect kitchen island – practical ideas and tips

Perfect kitchen island – you choose for your kitchen
Create the kitchen island perfect for your home. The following ideas will help you. The size and shape of your kitchen does not matter. You can always add more work – storage space, workspace …

Kitchen island ideas for small space

Ideas kitchen island for small space
You can enjoy your meal preparation faster and more efficient in an island of innovative cuisine through. You definitely inflate your workspace and show your style and interior design in the kitchen. Follow us and see our …

Set up your modern kitchen with a cooking island

More performance and storage space in the kitchen
Modern kitchen with island opens directly to other parts of the house. If you do not want to sit completely on the other side of the island in the kitchen, they can also be used …

20 modern kitchen island designs

20 Kitchen Island Designs – wide variety of interiors for your kitchen
The kitchen island is the heart of modern kitchen interior offers extra storage space and a convenient kitchen corner. These are perhaps the most important benefits that have the most kitchen …

Popular Kitchen Island Designs – Renovating your kitchen area