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13 creative kitchens designs that you really like to have

13 kitchens creative designs that you really want to have
Keep kitchen clutter and dirt to a minimum with these great organizers and other time saving functions chaos waste prevention on hands and knees in the kitchen, looking for the missing axis cutting …

15 gorgeous kitchen ideas for red kitchen back wall

In the last week, we looked at some big green kitchen splashbacks. Today, there is another bold color: red.
In fact, sometimes working with this shade is quite tricky, especially if it is this super bright and expressive nuances. They were combined …

Knife Block for Kitchen Knives – Arrange your knife set with style on!

Have kitchen items correctly
Are you satisfied with your own kitchen equipment? Do you think everything is in place and the whole system of the organization is safe enough? Leave your children alone in the kitchen when you are in the living room, …

35 kitchen splashbacks glass – luxurious splash for the kitchen

Glass mirror tiles – What would you options?
Kitchen glass wall? Does this sound more like more work or a practical solution? It is important – this is the response. Here is a simple, but in our opinion, very successful concepts that we …

12 practical ideas for kitchens Design with built-in barbecue

Kitchen design with built-in barbecue
Great kitchen designs with integrated barbecue for comfort and streamlining while cooking. Do not let the weather prevent your enjoyment. If you are outside in the yard can not enjoy your meal, our proposal is a solution for …

Modern kitchen workshop – Bulthaup b2

Modern cooking workshop – the fabulous collection of kitchen furniture
The collaboration between the furniture company Bulthaup and EOOS design group Viennese launched a fabulous collection of kitchen furniture in the world. Bulthaup b2 is open and a mobile workshop kitchen, which is …

Wonderful modern kitchens furniture made of glass by Scavolini

Beautiful furniture modern kitchens by Scavolini glass
The modern kitchens sometimes seem unfinished, when a personal touch is missing, which makes them individually. Check out the various designs and colorful pieces, which can be in the crystal collection of kitchen furniture Scavolini found. …

Make practical kitchen in the garden

Kitchen worktop and kitchen back wall: Meet The absolutely perfect choice

What are you looking for first – the kitchen or the back wall?
How do you coordinate the colors? Is it acceptable for you to mix different models? There are so many homeowners spend months is to compare different models in combination. They …

Kitchen countertops and the five best matching materials next to the granite

Materials for kitchen countertops: 5 alternatives to Granite
Certainly, granite and quartz, how many choices for kitchen surfaces. But they are not good for everyone. Before accessing these pillars made also drag the solutions envisaged. Zinc This is an old material that is …