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Are you planning to buy a holiday home or to rent? – 10 basic things that you need to know about

Travel and holiday cottage
Do you know the following situation: you're on vacation with your family in the mountains. It will enchant you with its majestic character, you can enjoy the peaceful stay in the house, planning trips, dinner and so on. But …

Modern interior design ideas for holiday home with indoor pool

Villa with indoor pool – Luxury and comfort
The have an outdoor pool in the area is a source of entertainment. You can have lots of fun and relaxation. So the whole family can feel super comfortable and satisfied. However, if the weather …

Think about a holiday in America, look at this holiday home in Texas

Modern retreat for the weekend in Texas
If you were once in Texas, then you know: retreats and weekend houses here have a unique charm. They are made of stone and wood. Many of them are characterized by their charming and …