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Lay vinyl flooring on the terrace

Tips for vinyl flooring on the porch
A few decades ago, we had very little choice in terms of materials, which were used for decking in question. You can choose between wood and stone. But advancement in design has brought us great options …

Disadvantages of cork flooring – Learn more from Cork and its properties

Cork flooring can be a beautiful and comfortable floor. This floor is great choice for the children's room or in the lounge where you stand on the ergonomic interface. The cap has a natural thermal insulation and it would certainly reduce your heating costs. …

Terrace with teak wood flooring – modern solution for any outdoor area

5 arguments for the use of teak ceilings
Long life and minimal maintenance – these are the characteristics that the floor of the terrace must have teak wood, which are used outdoors. These advantages show teak and is therefore particularly suitable for decks, …

Wooden floor laid – the flooring in modern bedroom

Dark wood floor installed – so the room looks modern today
Modern bathrooms are known to have a clean and clear appearance. In addition to using the most modern room wood on the ground. This is in my opinion a very successful choice …

Robust Decoration Ideas with Tufenkian's carpet

Ideas robust design with the Tufenkian carpets
Inspired by designer Vicente Wolf presents this Assembly Tufenkian carpets robust decoration ideas, make a detailed interior, but also organic. These contemporary rugs dominate attention in any room with the unique design and natural …

Wood flooring in the kitchen for a homely atmosphere

Create more heat with wood flooring in the kitchen
The natural heat that spreads the wood floor in the kitchen, creating a warm atmosphere. Not without reason, many people opt for wood flooring. Wood floors are now used throughout the house, even in …