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Weed killer – effective weed control with vinegar, boiling water

Remove weeds
Yes, this is certainly not a pleasant task, but perhaps you know – some weeds can be removed much more difficult than the other – lion tooth and some species of the family of pivot. To facilitate this activity, you …

Unique garden ideas – creative decisions for your home

Garden ideas for indoor and outdoor use
Sometimes a small dose is enough to surprise, to bring home design to a whole new level. Look for these unexpected elements and special unconventional solutions for garden design? Or maybe you have not decided on …

25 trendy ideas for garden and landscape – modern garden design

Classic and modernist elements in the landscape
Modernists are already somewhat archaic elements? Then it is probably time to consider the elements of garden design and landscape of the 30s and 60s, and to examine the possibilities of the current interpretation. What makes …

Landscaping Ideas with spring flowers – the beauty of tulips

Planning Made Easy: Tulips
I had the chance to visit the so-called garden Fioli recently. It is located near San Francisco (USA). The sky was blue, the birds were singing and immaculate garden bathed in the spring sunshine. So I went for a …

Hanging plants – hanging plants container as home accessories in the interior or exterior space

Show ideas hanging plants
We love fresh ideas to air stations. Maybe you have already noticed, we have published many different articles on this topic. You have many advantages. They are also easy to maintain and do not require much help to grow. …

Create a wild habitat in the garden

Create a wildlife habitat in the garden or yard
Birdsong and sensory butterfly flutter bring sparkle to any garden. In the garden, which is presented here, were from a reckless path to the house. Wild grasses – including switchgrass and little grass beard …

70 fabulous images for front yard design

Beautiful images of nature and landscape in the front yard
Having a garden is definitely an advantage, we highly appreciate and benefit. The design of the front garden is like a magic garden, your guests are going before they get into your home. …

Wall decoration with plants – Live Picture refreshes the air and ambience

Breathe art with plants of each wall
LivePicture called the work we want to present to you today. Feel free to take that inspiration to design your own premises. For if the idea has also been thought. Green walls with real plants are …

You have a penchant for hanging plants? – Hanging flower pots on the porch

You have a penchant for hanging plants? – Flower pots hanging on the porch
Here you can about possible container materials at the lowest and maintenance, according to the different ways to learn more about the hanging floral arrangements for the rich and …

Landscaping – the miraculous apparition of Dryopteris erythrosora