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Plant encyclopedia – Outdoor plants for your shade areas

Plants for the garden and care
It can be difficult to find plants tolerant of sun. But another alternative, to keep these plants, which, like a shadow, is more complicated. Let us look at our plant encyclopedia of all these plants? All you …

Great Greenhouses for spring

Greenhouses make spring
These greenhouses were created not only for the fact that there is growing something edible, but they can also serve as a nice room, orchids and bonsai houses are in use. Here are 10 great design ideas for spring. Who …

Landscaping Ideas for Beginners – Planting edible plants

landscaping ideas – easy to maintain 10 edible plants for beginner gardeners
The idea that you can grow edible plants, brings many people into temptation. Photos of edible gardens offer lush landscapes, which are filled with a great mix of vegetables, herbs and …

Insert autumn flowers as table decoration or home – great examples

Great decorating ideas with autumn flowers
Look under your own autumn flowers large pieces of all kinds of arrangements Autumn is the season of decoration and floral arrangements. Can be explained in many different ways. It can be a hand, or the effort …

Vertical garden design – 10 weird and wonderful ideas

The most beautiful pink flowers in the garden grow – Landscaping

The best pink flowers for your garden
Do you like flowers? Now you can bring pink accent in your garden with our new boards! Enjoy our photo galleries with the most beautiful pink flowers that you might have in your landscape! Exposure