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Garden and Landscaping – 5 gorgeous flowers for warm climate

Garden and Landscaping – Do you like tropical flowers?
Whether you love or hate, there is virtually no tropical garden and landscaping without these wild and crazy twists. It is extremely difficult to keep it in a place where they do …

Build pergola or how to build a gazebo itself

Create a natural recreation area shaded in the garden
If you are looking for inspiration in figures garden, you are all here with us. Maybe you just need a few more shots to fully complete the entire garden design. The modern style of …

Landscaping with gravel and stones – 25 garden ideas for you

Beautiful, intelligent solutions for your garden and landscaping
The lawns are so overrated and overplayed. It consumes too much water to keep them green and fresh color. They also need maintenance and constant care to be beautiful and attractive. Today more and more …

Creating a koi pond in the garden – typical extra for the Asian and tropical-inspired ambiance Garden & Plants

Creating a koi pond in the garden
The koi ponds are further typical for Asian and tropical-inspired ambiance. They go well with many contemporary gardens. But maybe you do not like it, but this type inner landscape? Do not worry. Koi …

Make the garden to learn about the family next door closer

The art of hospital
Many people among us live in communities where people in the design of the house and garden are gone far too little of the idea of ​​the great overall appearance. We have so much in common geographically, economically and …

Garden design ideas – photos for Garden Decor

Several ideas thematic garden for gardeners
We are all different and have their own needs and preferences of how our perfect garden should look like. What do you consider a small garden, another could be described as too big and not to save …

Veranda design – innovative and colorful interior design ideas

The entrance is the first thing you see when you enter the house
So you can make an elegant atmosphere throughout the building. With a few key decisions you can create many daring tasks. Today we dedicate this post to the grand entrance …

Landscaping on a slope – How to make a beautiful hillside garden

The landscaping on a slope – images and inspiring ideas
As a hillside garden is divided gradually, you can customize levels in different styles. Here, too, all the rules of garden design that we discuss in our blog often apply. As in any …

Boxwood plants and gardens – look wonderful in terracotta containers

Beautiful gardens with box
If spring is a wonderful season? We see many beautiful flowers and colors in nature are time it is a place worthy. I love flowers! However, if large areas are mentioned, I prefer the wonderful greenery. Boxwood plants can …

Landscaping for fire resistance – useful and practical tips

From landscaping fire – useful and practical advice
According to fire regulations creates a fireproof landscape verfechtbaren a buffer zone around the house. In areas where wildfire is a seasonal risk is recommended to follow the advice of the US Fire Administration indicated …