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DIY headboard Euro pallets

Headboards and headboard for a rustic look
To make furniture of euro pallets is now become very popular. They used wooden pallets cheap manufacturing various furniture. Today we want to present our heads DIY wood panels. Do not spend money on the market …

DIY Outdoor Furniture – Outdoor Lounge design

Build dressing room itself – craft ideas, instructions and pictures

Build dressing room
Small cabinet to build dressing yourself: The easiest thing is …. Sometimes you just need a really small cabinet. You should keep in a niche, which is on the unconventional. It is small, but their use is essential. A carpenter …

Old doors re-use – cool decoration and DIY furniture

Something very innovative antique doors – Vintage and rustic in a
Do you have a passion for reusing and Verwendes you like old things a new purpose? Personally, I love these DIY projects and whenever I have the opportunity, I make some new …

Building with pallets – the original ideas know no boundaries

Building with pallets – you could tinker Euro pallets
In Porto Alegre, Brazil is the nearest house. When the family could not afford to buy a house, he was sure it would give a distinctive character. So it worked, they were given by …

Save money and Customizing – 21 DIY Desks from Euro pallets

Make decorative home projects
Wooden pallets may be properly varied use. To make decorating projects at home or making furniture individual himself, pallets fit anywhere. For example, a wooden pallet is often sufficient for an office is feasible in your home office. The …

10 Ombre style furniture ideas – bold bright tones

10 Shadow furniture ideas style – bold bright colors
Since last year, interest in the Shadow style grows. It is more a process than a composition pattern. This style is repeated immersion colored clothing. Shorter intervals during rehearsal, it creates a striking gradient …

Make great dog beds from Euro pallets themselves – dog beds made of wood

Practical solutions for our favorite pets
Among us there are many people who have pets. Cats, dogs and rabbits are very popular and popular choice and bring joy and fun to the house at times. They need our pets still care and …

Redesign old furniture – use the old sewing machine as vintage furniture

Create great antique sewing machines Vintage Furniture DIY
The creation and integration of vintage furniture is definitely an art. But that is always accessible for ordinary people and easier. You can also implement your own craft ideas. We want to be able to …

Build shoe rack itself – DIY and furniture ideas

DIY projects for all tastes
It's spring! He did, storing winter boots and bring out spring shoes and sandals! If only it was as easy to organize our shoes. Old T-shirts, for example, you can easily fold it and put it in the …