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Build bed frames themselves – DIY bed frame from Euro pallets

Vintage and country in the bedroom
Everyone knows that most of the bedroom is the bed! Beautify the look in your bedroom with a bed frame DIY from Euro pallets, which actually requires a little time and space. Decide on the form of …

Pink storage box on wheels made of wood pallets

Avoid clutter in the nursery and create a fun atmosphere
Sometimes, small home furnishings and accessories are proving to be very important everyday objects in the home that are of great value. How do you find our storage box on wheels made of …

Moon cot from Euro pallets

Fairytale baby bed designed cream
Choose furniture for children or tinker, proves to be no easy task when it comes to your newborn and comfort. This bed is a new moon shape, interesting piece of furniture that is hand crafted (from broken Euro …

Build bird house itself – you contribute to wildlife

DIY home for birds
Of all the DIY projects for the garden that seems to pose the greatest challenge. But it is also worth a lot. These homes can contribute to wildlife. Exposure
Large bird house building itself
Discover this beautiful …

Cool caravans for Pets – Designer dog house on wheels

Dog designed by Judson Beaumont exclusive home
Judson Beaumont Canada is known worldwide for his unique pieces of furniture and art objects. But what few people know him, he is a lover of exceptional animals, and that is reason enough for his collection …

Cool Furniture from Euro pallets – 55 craft ideas for recycled wooden pallets

Recycle old pallets
Shelves, cabinets, beds, coffee tables, flower boxes, shoe cabinets, and comfortable rocking chairs, furniture of euro pallets are something other than wood waste. Since then, many companies have fiber in response, more and more people are seeking the reuse of …

Hallway bench in wood pallets lends a rustic touch

craft ideas for old, reusable wooden pallets
A few days ago we found this old worn Euro pallets in the construction market. This is really a nice piece of wood that was later transformed into a hallway bench. It is ideal for rustic …

The old dresser as a kitchen block use – DIY project for you

Turn old dresser into a kitchen island
In the world of design, there are those furniture that have more than one purpose – there whenever more features. Creative people recycle old worn objects and pieces of furniture and turn them into new projects. …

Articles of concrete stone for the front area

Concrete products Pierre Housing
Want to see the results of a great and simple conversion of terrace? The keyword combination therewith means "stone cylinder blocks of concrete." This is one of my favorite DIY projects. Area just in front of my yard was …

Creative Furniture from pallets

33 original ideas for furniture pallet
Today, we have prepared 33 incredibly chic and original ideas for furniture pallets. With their help, you can design your space, your terrace or garden at the same time creative and livable. You do not need special …