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Make Cozy dining area – dining table with chairs in the kitchen

Pleasant meal in the kitchen
The benches or seats, we designed our kitchen, are small areas where we have lunch or dinner very often. Most people use the place for a gala dinner, when the host is receiving many guests. Therefore preferred to …

Tablecloth red – create a festive and original table decoration

Red tablecloth – lively, fresh and unique
Do you have a preference for red elements in the decoration? But why you do not even have to take the shadow as an accent color? Some are reluctant to fresh character red tablecloths and others …

Original massive dining table – A outlives and timeless style of Charlotte Perriand

On the origin massive dining table – a timeless style survives and Charlotte Perriand
In modern times, the functionality in the selection tables for most people is of fundamental importance. Also conventional is also associated with an elegant design. What about this table …

Dining in a country style with chairs for dining room

Design your dining room or kitchen with style
When we talk about decorating your home, lifestyle starting point that all its components – furniture and accessories. Then select the color, depending on the style. This time it is for us in the kitchen …

10 unique tables: Bon appetit!

10 unique tables: Bon appetit!
When it comes to diets, many of us have to do with the limits – low carb, low fat, gluten-free foods, and others. Despite countless alternatives and imaginative solutions for the food, the more adventurous of …

Designer Dining Tables – You Give your dining room a special charm

Large tables designer dining with a sculptural base
In recent days, we published on fresh ideas a series of articles on summer dress. But not a vast subject, which can be difficult to operate. The change of seasons you can get tempted to …

Dining table with bench in Euro pallets – practical dining table for outdoor use

Robust, earthy pieces of furniture for the garden
Take a look at this amazing outdoor furniture – dining table that is made with the Bank of euro pallets. This outdoor dining can be a great addition to your outdoor space. In summer, most …

Dining room design – mix traditional style with contemporary accents

Design dining room – create a harmonious atmosphere
Create a harmonious dining room, where you can enjoy spending time with your family and friends. Look around you. This means the style would suit your living space and your preferences well? We present an …

10 practical ideas dining table for your compact kitchen