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Unique dining room with new chairs

Unique dining room with new chairs
Everyone wants his house would be a personal aspect, right? Now you can also make your unique dining room, with the replacement of the dining room chairs. This simple step allows you to refresh your …

Modern Dining Room – 15 stylish examples as inspiration

15 organic modern dining room
We recently live Hi-tech kitchen appliances and ultra modern furniture in our kitchens. But at the same time the trend is more and more to provide for more natural. Again and again, you can see that in the …

Dining table with bench in Euro pallets – practical dining table for outdoor use

Robust, earthy pieces of furniture for the garden
Take a look at this amazing outdoor furniture – dining table that is made with the Bank of euro pallets. This outdoor dining can be a great addition to your outdoor space. In summer, most …

How to make a chic dining area

Do you want a cozy dining room?
Even if you have a dining room at home, you will certainly want to make a comfortable living room, right? Each kitchen will then seem much more comfortable. You position the dining room window directly into …

Elegant decor in the dining room with rustic furniture

We must honestly admit: If your dining room is furnished with rustic furniture and ambience inspired greatly affects your score and your mood. Even food tastes better if you have your room decorated with care and love to eat. If the kitchen is the …

Design Classics – 7 iconic chairs from the mid-century

Design classics of mid-century
This collection of seven iconic Great Desingern chairs – Arne Jacobsen, Eero Saarinen, Florence Knoll, Charles and Ray Eames, George Nelson Hans J. Wegner and is a testament to the timelessness of this classic mid-century design. Just like in …

Dining room design – mix traditional style with contemporary accents

Design dining room – create a harmonious atmosphere
Create a harmonious dining room, where you can enjoy spending time with your family and friends. Look around you. This means the style would suit your living space and your preferences well? We present an …

10 practical ideas dining table for your compact kitchen

Eat with class – stylish dining room interior

Dining room – 10 stylish interiors with class
The dining room is pretty safe for many people the most important room in the apartment. He spends a lot of time with family, eat together and share funny moments. The quality of the time …