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Designer dining tables designed by Greg classes

Solid wood, natural forms, rivers and lakes in a table
The talented designer furniture classes Greg Washington presents its beautiful writing and designer dining tables that blur the boundaries between furniture and art. Classes in the vicinity of a local sawmill, it has …

Attractive tableware made of porcelain – Table decoration with various dishes

Mix your base for a unique table
Tableware porcelain always attractive in sets of 4, 8, 12 and even 24 pieces. This is a fact, it has always been and there is no prospect that this will change anything. Who said that? Food …

Original designs in dining room pendant lights over the dining table

Original drawings of pendant lamps dining room
The dining room of your house is a mixture of kitchen and dining room – a place of relaxation, entertainment and where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks. Whether you have a large dining table …

Modern dining tables with chairs show sculptural elegance

Contemporary tables for the modern sculptural look
Today it is exactly three tables modern dining chairs with models Cattelan Italia. They made their debut at this year's International Furniture Fair in Milan. But this you can increase the style quotient ensures your home. …

Modern dining tables with chairs – designer solutions from solid wood and glass

5 styles, 5 dining tables, benches and chairs of Girsberger

5 styles, 5 restaurants tables, benches and chairs Girsberger
These tables and chairs GIRSBERGER be your sense of style meet, no matter what kind of taste you have. But this sophisticated table models are not just for the dining room. Connected with some …

Easter decoration with spring flowers

Create a cool Easter decoration on the dining room table
Already have painted Easter eggs, it's time to organize our holiday table and atmospheric. Undoubtedly, the flowers add freshness and humor spring to the table. You feel the smell of spring at home …

70 round dining tables that can totally transform any kitchen

Received tradition and modernism in the dining room with a dining table
Have you any room in the home must be provided as an eye catcher in the middle? Decide the design of the dining table can be a little scary. How can …

The most breathtaking designer tables that you have ever seen

Incredible works of functional art for the home
Here's to fresh ideas we can not deny the creative designer always find new and inventive ways to surprise us and transform food and coffee tables into works of art. Examples of our table designs …

17 massive dining table designs with subtle charm

17 models of massive dining table with subtle charm
Kitchen tables with subtle charm in many modern kitchens that do not follow a single line of uniform design, it is primitive but essential to the dining table with the associated seat, …