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Creative Landscaping with broken plant pots

Ideas for designing creative garden
You feel like a craft idea that you can, for example spice up your front yard beautiful. It's really easy to implement and is a first special impression. "From the old to the new" or in this case …

Designs, cool accessories and decorative items that fascinate you

The world has gone wild?
There are more and more of these items you are watching and shouting, "No, this can not be" So it is with the incredible array of the image above, you can convert various. forms.
Drawings, original accessories …

Home textiles and home accessories in pastel colors

Upholstered furniture and home interior – 20 great decorating ideas

Freshness and colors at home – reason upholstery and pleasant atmosphere
We see the truth in your eyes: Most of us are afraid to use models of some sort when it comes to upholstery and interior of the house I think it is …

Romantic Decoration for Valentine's Day

Embellish Valentine at home
Do you like the romantic atmosphere at home? If so, then wait for the day of Valentine's entry with great impatience. The ideal time to create a romantic atmosphere at home with a stylish and chic decor. Apart from …

15 unique, antique candle holders

Brighten your home with style
We have mostly old Candlestick when we want to do at the table for a little more drama. But they are also often in the bathroom, distributed in the living room or bedroom. They can be integrated everywhere …

Peacock feathers decoration in the living room – Trends 2014

Peacock feathers at home everywhere – Classic and modern idea of ​​life
After extensive and survey research people with interests and preferences, professional interior designers working together have decided to fix the peacock feathers that the trend of decorating workshop in 2014 after …

Contemporary designs and animal pattern with dogs

Think small dimensions
Did you know that the animal model with dogs is one of the biggest challenges of interior design for many people? Here are some tips that will cope more easily than expected.
animal model with dogs
Small spaces …

Accessories and lighting for the front door area

The front door – the region needs beautiful accessories
Today we're on the subject of the door – conversation area. Specifically, we will examine the different types of decoration and lighting for the front door. Goal, we have also prepared a brief overview …

The most popular houseplants Germany