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Spa facilities and swimming pool in the garden

Architect in Holland with spa facilities in the courtyard house
The courtyard of each house is not a space for unnecessary items, tools and waste! It offers privacy, away from prying eyes, but it is not an inconvenience, but a priority that the …

Apple wristwatch makes life easier

How Apple shows?
The first Apple portable device replaces all the equipment we need for different alerts by sending messages, Facebook and simplifies updatet other applications. And all that you can keep on your wrist or your pocket. Other applications include …

Room design ideas in the youth room

Consider solutions space saving furniture for small apartments. We are very pleased with the youth room after his amazing transformation. The owner and architect Anthony Hines, who made a renovation to experiment with this small living space. It is compact – only 36 square …

Luxury Apartment in Yellow and Black

Splendor and elegance of a Russian design studio
When it comes to colors in interior design, many of us are on classic combinations and specific color. It is rare that the color dynamics is observed in our house, if we do not change …